Ons verhaal

Grutto is not just a brand.

It’s the spirit of a free state of mind.

Just like the Grutto bird itself, from which the brand takes it’s name, our products are ready for your endurance challenge.

Whether it’s flying along and feeling comfortable in the “peloton”, or traveling epic distances on its own, the Grutto can impress to get success when it feels the urge.

This spirit lives in every cyclist, and we at Grutto Design use this spirit to produce a wide range of products to make you satisfied on and around the bike. Grutto is for cyslists that go for that “low flight spirit”, against wind, rain or in the burning sun, pushing personal limits to bring out real freedom; just like the Grutto bird.


Our focus is on sleek design and we place a high importance on originality. We want you to be dressed to impress! When it comes to long distance riding, quality is crucial and we want to ensure you can ride in the most efficient way possible. For our socks, this means a seamless and tight closure around the ankle. And of course the Grutto bird will embellish each and every Grutto design.


For great endurance and made to last that extra mile. Sleek but strong. Perfect fit and color resistant after every wash.

Production sites 

In the range of the reach of Grutto’s flights.